M.Beasley for a 2nd round pick ? What a joke.

The NBA is becoming so freaking bad, that it's actually a joke.During the draft (to clear up cap room) teams were trading 2 first round picks, for one 2nd round pick. We saw Hinrich and the 17th pick get traded for pick 35.M.Beasley (2nd over all pick 3 years ago ) goes to Minnesota for a 2nd rounder (with Miami probably a top 6 team now ) that 2nd round pick will be something like pick 56.Yes they are gonna swap 1st rounders too (but the TWolves will be greatly improved in 2 years) so it will be like trading pick 19 for pick 26 in round 1.Did the Pistons have a chance at getting Beasley for a 2nd rounder?Did they have a chance at Hinrich and 17th pick for Detroits 36th.Why didnt we sign Jermaine Oneal for 2 years at $12 million? Is the NBA trying to help other teams out ? (yes they do this often)Did Joe Dumars try ANY moves this off season? 4-6 good point guards out there,that would greatly improve this Pistons team.Have not heard any mention of Detroit going after any if them.Yes they tried to OVER PAY for Haywood (whats he getting $11 million a year-WOW)

If there wasnt a team in Michigan i would have no intrest in the NBA ,thats how HORRIBLE it has become.No wonder ratings fell more than 60% (if you take out the finals)

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