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Magic Johnson To Join Group That Owns Pistons?

Michigan native, but Laker4lyfe, Magic Johnson was approached about possibly joining a group that would own the Pistons. Magic told that he'd be interested:

Johnson stressed he has not had any formal talks about either possibility, with other potential suitors or the Davidson family that put the team on the market, and that he would not be a majority owner because it would mean relocating from Los Angeles, the very reason some close to him note the Pistons are not a realistic match. But Johnson told at the press conference leading up to Hall of Fame ceremonies tonight that "some people had called me and wanted me to [know] if I'm interested in being a part of a group to own the Pistons." [...]

[...] "Somebody back there has to be the majority owner. Be the owner," said Johnson, who would have to sell his interest in the Lakers to work for or own another team.. "That wouldn't be me. But if Ilitch or somebody -- you've got a good guy back there already in Joe Dumars. If somebody said, 'Hey, can you come and think about helping Joe Dumars?' then I would think about it.

Johnson was apart of the group that made a serious bid to buy the Warriors, but lost out to Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber. Can anybody say bandwagon-ass cat? But I guess I'd allow this if it happened.