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Sources: Tom Gores The 'Front-Runner' To Buy Pistons

When I looked at the potential buyers last week, I said initially that Flint's Tom Gores was probably the least likeliest of the candidates. Sure enough, he has emerged as the front-runner according to Vincent Goodwill's sources close to the situation:

Gores, 46, and his group have made two visits to The Palace the past two weeks, the only interested group to do so. [...]

[...] By no means, though, is this a done deal.

I also said last week that the bid might be more important than the buyer itself. Of all the potential buyers, Gores can probably offer Mrs. Davidson the closest to the Pistons' $479 million franchise value. According to Forbes, Gores is the 147th richest American with a net-worth of $2.2 billion.

Mrs. Davidson said early in the summer that she plans to have the team sold before the season. Gores is taking the bigger strides in the process of purchasing the team than any of the other interested parties, which might be another reason why he has emerged as the current front-runner.