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Who Knows What The Pistons Will Look Like This Season, But I Can Promise You It Won't Be Team USA

It's not poorly written, the comparison took balls (I like balls), and it provided the Detroit Free Press with some offseason fluff, I guess, but this? Really? A post saying the Pistons are like the 2010 USA team was actually allowed to be published on one of the bigger Detroit sports media outlets?

Stop me if this starts sounding familiar: The Americans have one legitimate center on the roster. They have a number of skilled big men who will play multiple roles. They also have a few guards who are asked to play both point guard and shooting guard. The rest of the team is made up of versatile, talented players.

I shouldn't stop you.

Granted, the talent level on Team USA far exceeds that of the Pistons, but the gap isn't that big. And the Pistons will have more than just a couple of weeks to mesh and develop chemistry and one can see a glimmer of Dumars' vision materializing.

The gap in talent between the Pistons and team USA is the gap between Michael Strahan's maxillary central incisors. I get it that their lineups are unconventional, they both wear red, white, and blue and the Pistons are America's team (right?), but nuh-uh. This comparison should've never been thought of, let alone published on Freep.

But, hey, fluff meet fluff. Thanks, Freep.*