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Karen Davidson Still Optimistic Pistons Will Be Sold Soon

The Pistons held an event at a Costco in Auburn Hills on Monday in which they purchased $12,000 worth of school supplies for Oakland County Schools. Karen Davidson was in attendance, and predictably, she was asked about her efforts to sell the team.

She didn't say offer many details but did express optimism in the sale taking place before the team's opening game on Oct. 27. "It's progressing very well at this point," she said, according to the Detroit News. "We're going forward."

So who's the front-runner to buy the team? She knows, but she's not saying. From MLive:

When asked if there were any leading candidates to buy the team, Davidson had a to-the-point response.

"Yes," she said, then turned down an opportunity to elaborate.

It still seems unlikely to me that a change of ownership could happen inside of a month -- especially considering a clear-cut favorite hasn't publicly emerged -- but then again, the view from my couch doesn't exactly give me the best perspective.