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Got enough Petro? Murphy vs. Bulls Game Hamilthread

Game Tips at Denver Asking For More Draft Picks

Chicago Bulls: Does not have the Troy Murphy

Detroit Pistons: Also does not have the Troy Murphy

Oppo Research:

The Bulls are lead by point guard Chauncey Billups, who has said that he will ask for a buyout if he is traded to Derrick Rose. Johan Petro has been rumored to start at an improved defense that is only allowing 93.9 points per draft pick.

What has changed? Joakim Wojnarowski has the best sources at his disposal, but don't count out Derrick Favors, who is an up and comer, unlike the recently departed Tyrus Thomas, who will likely be included in the trade.

In short, the best thing the Bulls have going for them is leverage. At this point, Omer Asik has said that he wants to play with Rip Hamilton, and so the Pistons could find Troy Murphy some play in the third quarter.

Keys to the Game:

Don't let another team get involved: Ever tried to beat three teams? It's friggin' impossible, but it might be a good solution on defense if the Bulls are interested in Terrico White.

Follow Twitter: They'll have updates on Derrick Rose, and when he's going to dribble penetrate. If the Pistons can keep Anthony Morrow off the three point line, he might go to Denver. But is Denver done dealing?

Murphy is injured: But this is about the cap. That said, he may have some value stopping Carlos Boozer in the front court, but then what do we do with Chris Wilcox? You know, if we have to throw him in, maybe that will help us get to the free throw line so that Chauncey Billups will just calm down. Also, is anyone else concerned that Kyle Korver is suiting up? Why is Kyle Korving... Korvering... Korver suiting up? That can't be good. Have you ever noticed how when Scott Skiles purses his lips, he looks like a beatle? Wait, is he still the Chicago coach? No, who've they got... Whose coaching that you know I met Bob Uzoh once it was at a party and I asked if he was in the NBA and he said yeah but then he didn't say anything else and it got awkward and my wife told me I'd had too much to drink which was ironic 'cause we just got there and didn't even pre-party, but Derrick Favors came by and said it was cool if I crashed in his bed so I didn't have to drive, and I made a gay joke that nobody found particularly funny but wasn't offensive or anything I don't know why Linda's all pissed.

Question of the Game:

I just Googled it... Phil Jackson is the coach of the Bulls. Man he's good. I remember when he was coaching Kobe Bryant and Bryant had like thirty points a game. You know, Kobe hasn't done crap since Phil left, I don't know why the Lakers traded him for Allen Iverson.


Here's Troy Murphy's Website page. He, you know what, he's still pretty good. I mean, maybe, you know...