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Billups and Hamilton talking about potential reunion

The trade is at somewhat of a standstill, but Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton have kept in touch about possibly reuniting in New Jersey:

Billups has had several conversations with Hamilton about the potential trade and expects a resolution before too long. While Billups doesn’t want to leave his hometown of Denver, he’s accepted it’s a real possibility.

Hamilton, meanwhile, is more than ready to leave the rebuilding Pistons. "I’m sure we will find out soon if it will be a reality or not," Billups told Yahoo! Sports. "I’ll be ready either way. Of course, Rip is pulling for anything to get out of his current situation. We will see."

First, Billups definitely sounds like he is warming to the idea of being traded away from his family and hometown. Playing with Rip again is possibly his support-system in ultimately becoming a Net.

Billups' comments on Rip's wishes to get hell out of dodge speak volume, too. In all our haste to see Rip get traded, we're (or at least I've been) failing to realize that he has acted very professional throughout all the different rumors and this particular trade process.We've all probably had the feeling that Rip wants to get out, but I think this is the first time we've actually read it's definitely what he wants.