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Strong start. Strong finish. Terrible middle. Grizzlies 107 Pistons 99

What happened

What is the record for blown double digit leads in a season?

Predictably, Zach Randolph destroyed the Pistons weak interior defense. The Pistons got down by double digits in the second half, and couldn't make stops as they endeavored to mount a comeback.

That said, Ben Gordon had a hell of a run over the last 97 seconds. He had a shot at pulling an Isiah Thomas until the most overpaid mediocrity in all of sports blocked his three pointer with nine seconds left. Still, watching him and T-Mac compile 19 points in four minutes was kinda fun.

That aside, Greg Monroe racked up his fourth consecutive double-double. When was the last time a Piston player did that, much less a rookie. Nice to see someone finally step up after having been rewarded with the starting job.

But yeah, the Pistons seemed strangely out of this one. Notably, Rip Hamilton did not play at all. If that wasn't indicative of an impending trade, then it was simply strange and arbitrary coaching. It's a sign of the times that I am leaning toward the latter explanation.

Elsewhere in the NBA

LeBron James randomly decided to pour salt on the Cavs wounds after their 55 point defeat at the hands of the Lakers. Does he know what the word "karma" means, exactly? He will within seconds after his first injury of the season.

The Celtics put eight players in double figures in their 119-95 blowout of the Sacramento Kings. You don't see that very often, especially when one of the players not to reach ten points is Shaquille O'Neal.

The Pacers should have traded Danny Granger when they could have gotten real value for him. As it stands, they seem destined for perpetual mediocrity. That said, they are doing a fine job against a Nowitzki-less Mavericks team. The Mavs seem to have taken up the one-man-team mantel from the Cavs.