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Buffoons unite! Pistons and Raptors Game Thread

The Details

Detroit Pistons: 12-26 (3-17 Road)

Toronto Raptors: 13-25 (8-11 Home)

The Situation

The PIstons take on the Raptors in the midst of very vocal turmoil. The week began with news of a trade that seemed to be at the precipice of completion. It concludes with open bickering between certain players (esp. Tayshaun Prince and Charlie Villanueva) and coach Kuester.

On the flip side, some Pistons players have been showing hopeful signs. Greg Monroe posted his fourth consecutive double-double on Wednesday against Memphis, while Ben Gordon and Tracy McGrady conspired to mount a furious comeback late.

As for the Raptors, their defense continues to be woeful.

[Ed. note -- Kevin got stuck in snow, so the game thread did, too]


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