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Wait, did that just happen? Pistons 103 Mavs 89

What happened

I'd call upon my union brethren to fill in the blanks here, but we had union officers in our office today. I bet MLK is thrilled that his legacy is a holiday for bank and post office employees. At any rate, I did not see or follow the game because I have a job.

But yes, let's all applaud the NBA's efforts to honor Martin Luther King Miscellaneously. Sort of like awarding him the most improved player award. Point is, they care... Very little.

But yeah, the Pistons won at home, verily blowing out the Dallas Mavericks. In so doing, they shot an astonishing 62% from two point range.

It's hard to identify an MVP from this well-balanced attack, but I'll roll with Tayshaun Prince, who managed 20 points to go with 5 rebounds and 5 assists off just 12 shots and 1 TO. On the offensive end, Prince is actually having his best season as a Piston, which is strange, since he has been at his worst defensively.

The take-away

The new look lineup is working. Sure, the Pistons shot impossibly well from the field, but they would have won had they shot reasonably well. Also, for all the talk of the Pistons looking to rebuild, the average age on the court was quite young.

Elsewhere in the NBA

The Knicks don't play defense. Despite a 41 point effort from Amare Stoudemire, they lost to the Phoenix Suns 129-121.

The Wizards are now 12-8 at home. It strikes me that they must be on pace for the largest home-road disparity in NBA history. That said, this seems reason for optimism for Wizards fans.

Need I remind you all that Blake Griffin is a rookie. Dude dropped 47 and 14 on the Pacers tonight. Best rookie since Duncan? The Clips have now won 10 of their last 14, and are starting to look like a threat to steal Portland's chance to be destroyed by the Spurs in round one.