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Jon Barry is still hustling for us: He thinks Nuggets/Nets deal will still happen

I have no idea how much information the former Piston Jon Barry possesses or if he's taking the Herbstreit route and merely providing his misleading opinion, but it keeps a little hope alive seeing someone at the WWL speak so strongly about the deal not being dead, yet. A boy can dream.

Meanwhile, Carmelo responded exactly how everyone expected him to: act like the Russian killed the deal.

"I'm pretty sure (Prokhorov) was tired of it, going through the back and forth or whatever,'' said Anthony, who claimed he never told New Jersey he wouldn't sign an extension if traded there. "He didn't want to deal with it. ... The things you guys write about him, he probably got tired about it, he probably got fed up about it, and he wanted to move on.'' [...]

"In the last past couple of days, yes, that meeting has been set up,'' said Anthony, who still believes he will be dealt by the Feb. 24 trade deadline. "They went though the proper channels to set up a meeting. Prokhorov got tired of everything that's going on and he's got to focus on his team...There was a meeting set.''

Anthony said he was willing to talk to Prokhorov.

"Yeah, I mean he's a very interesting man,'' Anthony said. "For me to just be in the room with him and to just have a conversation, I would have loved that.''