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Where deals are still alive. Nets @ Pistons game thread.

The Details

New Jersey Nets (11-31, 8-10 Home)

Detroit Pistons (15-27, 4-18 Road)

The Situation

Both teams would like to be sporting new look rosters by now, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

The players the Nets DO have are actually pretty decent at home. The bad news is that they are giving Sasha Vujacic 30+ mpg. The good news is that he hasn't been all that terrible. He's averaging 16 ppg in his last five on 50% shooting.

Offensively, the Nets are led by Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, both of whom are well above average for their positions. Derrick Favors, for all the hype, has been largely a non-factor.

Arguably their best play, Troy Murphy, has been officially excused from the team. To which, since Rip Hamilton seems to have been unofficially excused from the Pistons, can something still be worked out? It's not like the Nets are loaded on he wings.

Question of the Game

Can the Pistons get it together on the road? This is a very winnable game, and one that the Pistons will need if they are going to challenge for the eight seed.

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