Richard Hamilton offended by the way coach John Kuester reached out


Kuester's attempt to reach out to him consisted of Jerry Hendon, the team's security head, coming to him a minute before the team was meeting to go over strategy for Saturday's game with Phoenix to tell him Kuester wanted to talk to him. "I felt offended that he sent Jerry instead of coming himself or sending an assistant coach," Hamilton said. "I could tell Jerry was uncomfortable and I said no." Read more: Pistons' Richard Hamilton offended by the way coach John Kuester reached out | | Detroit Free Press Hamilton went on to say: "I'm Richard Hamilton, so obviously any attempts to reach out to me should first include a handwritten letter on gold leaf, delivered by hand with a fresh bottle of Cambodian Breast Milk, along with a bowl of Red M&M's (and only Red M&M), a treasure chest of Golden Doubloon's, and no less than 32 Virgins. Jerry was obviously uncomfortable because even he knew what is required for a coach to properly reach out to his greatest player." Hamilton seemed visibly agitated at retelling the story. He slammed the door as he stepped into his Rip City™ carriage. Also, as he was hoisted away by his team of horses, he refused to be hand-fed grapes or pomegranate seeds by his servants which is his post-pre-game-meeting tradition.