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Magic or tragic? Detroit @ Orlando game thread

The Details

Detroit Pistons (16-28, 4-19 Away)

Orlando Magic (29-15, 17-5 Home)

The Situation

Two nights after needing a miraculous 4th quarter performance from Will Bynum and Austin Daye, the Pistons find themselves in need of a miraculous performance for the whole game against the Orlando Magic. And no, Mailk Allen being out will not likely be sufficient.

The Magic are an odd team this year, having dispensed with their defensive identity somewhat. They still have reigning defensive player of the year Dwight Howard, and they are still in the top five in defensive efficiency, but they are way off the league leading Chicago Bulls.

Instead, the Magic bring a more balanced attack that has them in the top ten in offensive efficiency. A slow star has them with a less than superlative record, but there is every reason to believe they can own the three seed a make another deep playoff run.

Question of the game

WHMFWBBATT - Where Has Mister Fourth Will Bynum Been All This Time? Nice to have him back.

Get stripey

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