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The team Joe Dumars built. Denver @ Detroit game thread

The Details

Denver Nuggets (26-18, 6-13 Away)

Detroit Pistons (17-28, 12-9 Home)

The Situation

I'm going to set aside all the trade hubbub for a moment, because this season seems to be getting modestly interesting all of a sudden. The Pistons have an excellent opportunity to extend their win streak tonight against a team that is pretty terrible on the road.

The Denver offense has been rolling. Chauncey Billups is shooting a career high from three point range, Carmelo and Nene are contributing at a high level. They currently rank second in offensive efficiency, and trail the Lakers by the smallest of margins.

On the defensive end, it's another story. In the past, the team's fast pace has made their defense look bad. This year, though, the perceptions stems largely from the fact that it is bad.

No small part of this fact is due to the absence of the underrated Chris Anderson, who anchored the second string, providing a shot-blocking presence and a different look from Nene. He is out again tonight, which is a good thing if your name is Rodney Stuckey or Will Bynum.

The Question

Is Rip Hamilton really DNP4VR? It's not as though Will Bynum has exactly been lighting it up.

The Name of The Nuggets Blog is Denver Stiffs?

Apparently. Denver Stiffs