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A chance to sneak one? Pistons @ Heat game thread

The Details

Detroit Pistons (17-29, 5-19 Road)

Miami Heat (31-14, 16-5 Home)

The Situation

I'm on the record saying the Heat have the best roster in the NBA. I'd still put money on them to win the championship.

However, tonight represents a golden opportunity for the Pistons to pick up a game they have no business winning. Dwyane Wade was monstrous last night (to the tune of 34 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists) in a loss to the Knicks, but he is coming off migraines. Chris Bosh is out, and the whole team is on the second stage of a back to back.

Let's face it, the Heat are only as good as their big three. Wade and LeBron combined for 84 minutes last night. Joel Anthony is going to earn the most minutes of any big, and the Pistons are playing their best ball of the season.

The Pistons may be without the services of Rodney Stuckey. In which case, Rip Hamilton's flu is likely to go away, and we may see him starting alongside Tracy McGrady. That should be an interesting dynamic. [Ed. note - Stuckey and Rip are both out. Lots of Gordon and Bynum. - Packey]

But again, it comes down to James and Wade. They should be emboldened by the home crowd, but there is only so much they can do with no rest.

Question of the game

How does Kuester assign guard minutes if Stuckey is out? Could have an impact on whether the Pistons remain competitive for an eight seed going forward.

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