Poor coaching decisions have derailed the Pistons


Looking at the way the Detroit Pistons have performed during their last 7 games ... it should now be relatively easy for others to see that the main reason this team has wallowed in the bottom third of the Eastern Conference Standings, to this point this season, has been the relatively poor job done by John Kuester and the Lack of Team Cohesion his personnel decisions have fostered. The stark reality for the Pistons this year is that … There has always been more than enough legitimate NBA talent on-hand for Detroit to compete effectively for a lower tier playoff position in the Eastern Conference … as long as their head coach doesn’t muck it up by: I. Refusing to settle on one of many different possible solid 8-9 player rotations; and, II. Creating a series of needless internal conflicts with the best players on the team. … in contrast to what you may have been told by certain ’stats gurus’ who think that the Pistons’ main problem has been rooted elsewhere.