A Bad "Fit" in Detroit's back-court


One of the primary reasons why the Detroit Pistons traded Chauncey Billups was so that they could play Rodney Stuckey "on the ball" more. But Stuckey, despite Detroit’s optimism, never developed into a point. He only averages 4.5 assists a game despite a very high usage rating (25.2). Even worse, Rip Hamilton’s game — running through a maze of picks and curling off of them for jumpers — depends on a point guard’s ability to consistently deliver the ball into his shot-pocket. In his six seasons with Billups he had an average PER of 18.2. After Billups left, it plummeted to 16.9, and he’s had a 14.9 the last two seasons. By keeping the same team but switching Allen Iverson (scorer) with Billups (pure point), the Pistons went from the 6th highest rated offense in the NBA to the 23rd.