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Pistons at Lakers: Late Night Lake Show Game Thread

Game Tips at 10:30 P.M. EST

Detroit Pistons: 11-23 (3-15 away)

LA Lakers: 23-11 (11-5 home)

Oppo Research:

The Lakers haven't been winning much lately, having lost four of their last six games. So naturally, mainstream sports media types and bloggers alike are getting all "panic button!!11" about the Lakers. From sea to shining sea, sports writers are dusting off their best obit material in January so they can dust off their best "three peat!" material come June. I'm sorry, but nunna you pansies know what Sky-Is-Falling really feels like. We do, MFers. *b-boy stance*

I'm getting to this game thread late, but there's really not a lot of interesting things to say about tonight's game. It's late, so many of us are surly anyway (yours truly is two glasses of wine in, just having gotten home from dinner), so I'm going to go ahead and declare that our esteemed color analysts in the DBB comments will be the most interesting part of tonight's game. Beyond that, what do you want me to say? "The Lakers are looking to right their ship tonight against a failing Detroit team," or "Pistons will need to fire on all cylinders" or "will Tom Gores head make a crooked appearance at the Staples Center tonight?" I'm gonna go with the last one.

Hey that gets me to thinking. I know how to make tonight's game interesting. If Gores is in the audience, you know the camera will give his crooked head some face time and a mention about potentially buying the team. If they do, and you can screen cap it, the first person to post a pic in the comments gets to do the commentary in the next game preview. Deal?

Keys to the Game:

Move the Ball: Copied/Pasted.

Tilt Your Head, Wait for the Flash: Everyone wins.

Question of the Game:

Can the Pistons play four solid quarters of basketball? They came close against Utah and are playing at an improved pitch. A win over the Lake Show sure would feel nice.

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