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John Hollinger is disappointed in Ben Gordon

I meant to post this yesterday, but I had a not-at-all disappointing surprise visit from the in-laws. ESPN columnist John Hollinger has expressed disappointment, though, in the form of his midseason All-Disappointment team and 10th on that list is none other than Ben Gordon.

Here's what Hollinger had to say about BG:

Ben Gordon, Detroit -- Last year was easy to blame on a bad ankle that Gordon gamely fought through for much of the season. This season? I'm at a loss. Gordon can still stroke the 3 (39.5 percent from the distance) but doesn't do anything else well enough to justify his $10.8 million salary unless he's setting the nets ablaze. His rather tepid production thus far -- 17.3 points per 40 minutes at a league-average TS% -- won't cut the mustard, and it's even more puzzling because the Pistons' lack of scoring options should allow him to put up big numbers. It's hard to believe Detroit talked itself out of Carlos Boozer and plunked down its cash on Gordon and Charlie V instead, and it largely explains why the once-mighty Pistons are headed back to the lottery.

Gordon is actually having a relatively good season statistically (relative to his other seasons that is). His TS%, eFG%, and TRB% (even STL% and BLK%) are all above his career averages. The shooting rates could likely be a result of his shot attempts and usage rate being at career lows, but he's performed well when he's actually given the minutes and shots his contract suggests he deserves. I'd say there's more disappointment in how Gordon is being used rather than Gordon himself.

And I'll add, Hollinger probably missed the biggest disappointment in all: the Pistons as a whole. He cited 'Every Hornets wing player' and 'New Jersey's offseason,' so he could've gone that route. I don't think anyone can overstate just how disappointing this Pistons' team really is.