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Let's get Lions WR Calvin Johnson into a Pistons jersey

I'm not sure how many DBB'ers are Detroit Lions fans, but if you are, then you know the 6-foot-5, 240-pound Calvin Johnson is pretty good. Well, today -- as you can see in the aforelinked words -- Johnson went up and grabbed a couple of touchdowns like you'd never see Charlie V. grab a rebound.

After the game, Cowboys' cornerback Terrence Newman had the following to say about the Lions' wide receiver nicknamed Megatron:

Terence Newman on Calvin Johnson: "It's not every day you play a guy who could play power forward for the Pistons."
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Calvin Johnson's probably not tall enough (Rodney Stuckey is 6-foot-5), but I know he could go up and get some rebounds some of the current Pistons couldn't grab.

Plus, I've heard he loves slam dunk shots.


I say do it Joe! What say you?