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Download SB Nation's new and improved iPhone app

If you recall, SB Nation introduced its iPhone app in August. It was a good first effort for keeping up with all the content in this gigantic network, but it missed a few key features that make visiting the website so fun -- like advanced commenting functionality (z-key!) and the ability to see FanPosts.

Well, good news: an update to the app is available today, adding those features while also fixing some general app wonkiness you may have experienced following the iOS 5 update. If you've already downloaded the app -- or if you just purchased an iPhone and want to check it out -- visit the App Store.

Shameless addendum: If you like the app, do us a solid and leave a five-star review! It helps a ton with visibility in regards to the App Store rankings, and what's good for SB Nation is good for DBB, and what's good for DBB is good for you. Get it?

Check out the video below to see the new features in action. Curious about the Android app? Good news! It's not ready yet, but it should arrive by the holidays -- just in time for the lockout to (hopefully) end!