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Whither Tayshaun Prince?

Dan Feldman and Patrick Hayes invited yours truly to participate in the debut of PistonPowered's new 3-on-3 series, in which we answer three questions on the relative merits and future of Tayshaun Prince. I'll give you a sneak peek, but I urge you to click over to check out the whole thing:

1. Will Tayshaun Prince have another year as good as his last?

Dan Feldman: No. For the first time in a couple seasons, Prince really excelled on both ends of the floor. There could be a million reasons why, but I'll guess the simple one: contract year. With a new deal and and his 32nd birthday approaching, odds are he'll backslide next year.

Patrick Hayes: No. I don't think he's on a rapid decline, but he was a go-to player last season out of necessity more than anything else. He's at his best in a complementary role, and as a result, his minutes and role will likely decrease wherever he ends up. He'll be more efficient, but his overall averages won't approach last season's.

Matt Watson: I think so, with one caveat: he posted a career-high 21.0 usage rate, which I don't think he'll match. Overall he's been consistent the last several years. He does a bit of everything, and players like that generally don't fall off the table overnight, even with a role change.

Now that I have your attention, let me also direct you to Patrick's self-published book, Piston Devotion, available both in dead tree format and as an e-book. I've already placed my order, and I'm excited for it to arrive -- Patrick is a smart fan, and I've enjoyed reading his takes on Detroit sports the last several years. I'm eager to see his talent shine in longform writing.