Lockout Predictions

The last time there was a lockout in the NBA a lot of things changed, and not just related to the CBA. Some teams benefited greatly from the shortened season, some just never got it going. The same thing was true with individual players; some were grossly out of shape, some came in and performed much better than expected. I thought it would be fun to start making some predictions now that the lockout (looks like it) is over. I'll post my thoughts in a comment after a while, but what do you think about...

Which team will exceed expectations?

Which team will fail to live up to expectations?

Which Piston will show up in the worst shape? Which NBA player?

Which Piston will surprise fans the most with improved game? Which NBA player?

Which team will sneakily take advantage of all the new rules first?

Which Piston is most likely to be amnestied? Which NBA player?

Which player who is not considered an amnesty option will play themselves into being cut?

Which player's career will have been hurt most by the lockout?

Who will get Red Panda'd first post-lockout?

What will be the most surprising free agent signing?

Does Joe Dumars still have what it takes to build a champion?

Who will get into a publicized feud with Lawrence Frank first?

Who is the biggest buffoon on the Pistons now?

You can add additional predictions to the end of your list as well, thanks for playing!

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