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Morning Shootaround: Palatable Pistons Links, Whatever That Means

Day numero uno of training camp was yesterday, so I think now would be a good time for us to get going again with the morning shootaround the internet for Pistons priming. Where do we start, though?!?!

  • Jonas will show us the way.
  • 'Ben Wallace all but commits to returning' for a 16th season:
  • "Oh no, I'm here," Wallace said. "I'm giving everything I got. At the end of the day, if that's good enough to play on this team, or if I have to sit on the sideline and be a great teammate, that's what I'm going to do."
  • Vocal leader Tayshaun Prince sat out of practice, but Keith Langlois points out that it was not mutinous behavior; it was "strictly because of formalizing the contract signing," as Joe Dumars said it's just a verbal agreement right now. So you're telling me there's a chance he could still disappear during The Darkest Hour? My sources, or reckless intuition, wants to convince me he'll be traded soon ...
    As for Rip:
  • Thank u to all my Detroit fans. Love all of u. U will always have a special place in my heart. Yessssssirrrrr
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  • From Langlois' Day 1 wrap:
  • [Dumars] couldn’t divulge why a buyout instead of the amnesty provision allowed by the new CBA. The likely answer, though, is that a buyout means Hamilton didn’t get the full value of the remaining two years on his contract. The amount of the buyout, under the rules of the old CBA, at least, would be divided over the two years left on his contract for cap purposes.

    Dumars said the Pistons will have "a mid-level exception – there are three (different ones) now" at their disposal and he held that out as one possible, perhaps likely, avenue to add another veteran big man to the frontcourt.

    With Hamilton removed from the equation, the door is ajar for No. 1 pick Brandon Knight to crack the rotation. Joe D said "sometimes that’s the best thing for a young player, to get thrown into the water." I watched Knight shoot after practice and one thing is immediately clear: He has an effortless NBA 3-point stroke.
  • Pistons are reportedly not close to re-signing Stuckey, but Dumars said the ceiling on the contract the team would match is "very high." Get high, ink high dollar contracts.
  • Unverified Stuckey Twitter account, which has been retweeted by Pistons beat writers, suggests he wants out of Detroit.
  • Frank thinks Brandon Knight can have a big impact in the lockout shortened season, just like Paul Pierce did in 1998-99 and ... Michael Dickerson? Jonas Jerebko was then forced to spew some cliches about the teammate he's had one practice with. Oh, and Jonas...
  • After practice, Greg Monroe and Ben Wallace commended Frank for doing a great job with the team in his first practice. Wallace said Frank brought energy and showed leadership. Frank said he's trying to build team unity and brotherhood. Unity and brotherhood >>>> Mutiny and buffoonery.
  • I smell a tasty new DBB meme: Joe Dumars pretended he didn't know what 'palatable' means in this 11 minute interview. He also said he expects the Pistons to make the playoffs like he expects LSU to beat Alabama. Alabama alum Vince Ellis said that's not going to happen.
  • In case you missed it, the Pistons signed four players to their training camp roster.
  • Terrico White and Wrong DaJuan were in camp with the Hornets on Friday.
  • Chris Wilcox signed with the Celtics.
  • As you know, Lamar Odom was traded to New Orleans before Khloe Kardashian David Stern nixed it. Odom's a really sensitive guy, so he cried, showed up late to camp on Friday and then left without practicing. Lakers assistant head coach John Kuester assured head coach Mike Brown that this was totally normal player behavior.
  • Cat in the house? Don't need more meows.

  • I like links. I collect links for the morning shootaround. I can't collect all the links, but I want more links. That's where you come in. Now, your links, and continued good talk.