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NBA Rumors: Rodney Stuckey agrees to 3-year, $25M contract

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! NBA, Rodney Stuckey has agreed to a new contract with the Pistons worth $25 million over three years:


This is an improvement over the rumored $45M deal that was paraded around the news media last week. Stuckey was supposedly interested in a larger deal worth $10M/yr., but this would suggest he's settled closer to $8M.

Fans, me included, might be a bit upset that Joe Dumars and Tom Gores didn't allow the market to set Stuckey's value. Stuckey was a restricted free agent, allowing the Pistons to match any offer sheet given by another team. This might have been a move to hold on to Stuckey's value instead of simply allowing him to walk.

On the bright side, if Stuckey does continue to improve, this contract is tradeable. It's unfortunate, however, that this news arrives just as the excitement about Brandon Knight was starting to pick up steam. My grade on the move? Dick minus. Stay tuned... (hat tip to our own Benjamin Gulker)

Update: the Pistons officially announced the deal. From the press release:

"We are pleased to re-sign Rodney Stuckey," said Joe Dumars, Pistons President of Basketball Operations. "Rodney led our team in scoring and assists last season and he's part of the young core group of players that we are building around. We look forward to watching his continued growth within our organization."