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NBA Preseason: Pistons at Cavaliers rematch for the ages!!1

Game Tips at 7:00 P.M. EST

Detroit Pistons: 0 - 1 (0 - 0 road)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 1 - 0 (0 - 0 home)

On Friday, the Pistons gave up a narrow loss to the Cavaliers that was largely decided at the charity stripe. While the play was reportedly quite sloppy, it's encouraging to know that the Pistons outplayed an improved Cavaliers team when taking into account the 56 free throws Cleveland attempted. Ouch.

Due to the shortened season, the Pistons will only play two preseason games, both against Cleveland. This is cool for me, at least, because I missed the first preseason game because I was rebuilding my engine at bullfighting practice shooting things with guns at the ballet with my wife. Can the Pistons reclaim their honor against the Cavaliers and can I reclaim my manhood? Stay tuned, Pistons fans!

Keys to the Game - Brought to You by Canadian Tire

Defend Without Fouling - Seriously, fellas, our power forwards combined for 16 fouls on Friday night. I expect this out of Charlie, but Jason and Jonas, you guys need to stay focused tonight. Samardo Samuels isn't exactly an offensive visionary, the guy attempted four shots on Friday but you gave him 16 free throw attempts. WTF.

Contain Irving on the Perimeter - Kyrie Irving was the number two charity recipient on Friday night with 15 free throws. Judging from the distribution of fouls (and not actually seeing the game because I was too busy watching a bunch of dudes run around wearing tights), Irving didn't have much trouble driving past our guards. Larry Frank-- make Stuckey start earning his $8M tonight and keep him on Irving for a while, yeah?

Feed the Moose - Monroe was tied for 4th in shot attempts on Friday night, after Austin Daye and Ben Gordon and in line with Charlie Villanueva. It's pretty easy to find our best offensive option-- he's the really tall guy in the middle. Larry, any chance you can get Monroe involved in facilitating the offense when Knight, Gordon, Daye and Villanueva are on the floor? They're all really good at shooting 3-pointers, and I bet we could run some sweet plays with Gregory kicking it out to them!!!

Question of the Game - Brought to You by Canadian Club

What do you think Ramon looks for in a life partner?