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Tom Ziller on Tayshaun Prince's confusing contract

Tom Ziller's Central Division preview is up on the SB Nation mothership, and I recommend reading the whole thing. Of particular interest, of course, are his thoughts on the Pistons:

The Detroit Pistons picked up Brandon Knight in the draft, kept Rodney Stuckey and Jonas Jerebko on affordable deals and stunningly gave Tayshaun Prince an old Rip Hamilton extension. Oh, and they bought out Rip Hamilton's Rip Hamilton extension. Seems like Joe Dumars is content to repeat the same mistakes. Outside of the Prince deal, the Pistons had a good offseason. Unfortunately, Knight is green as Ben Gordon's wallet, Greg Monroe is still developing and this should be another long season in Motown.

[...] Detroit's Prince deal (four years, $27 million) is something else. Had Prince walked, the Pistons would have lost one of the starters from the No. 27-ranked defense and a 15-point scorer who shoots inefficiently but moves the ball well. Somehow, I think Detroit would have survived. Bringing Prince back on a four-year commitment the same day as the club retained Jerebko is even more egregious; Austin Daye has looked solid this preseason, and now Lawrence Frank will be forced to slot Jerebko and Daye at power forward more frequently to get everyone time, which heaps more defensive pressure on Greg Monroe, who has solid fundamentals but needs some help given his heavy offensive load. By the time the Pistons are ready to make another assault on the East, Prince will be winding down his career. It makes no sense.

Yeah. What he said. But as frustrating as Prince's contract is, I can't help but think there was a handshake agreement that he'd be back all along. Which is ridiculous, because he was a liability four years ago; just imagine what he'll be like four years from now.