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Detroit Pistons release the most awesome promotional video ever produced

The Detroit Pistons have released a promotional video that documents their character and motivation for the season ahead. The Pistons apparently spared no expense in producing this new, high energy video, one that truly exhibits what it is that Tom Gores and company thinks Pistons fans are made of.

Do you like those really creative sayings on the back of high school March Madness T-Shirts back in the day? Is your favorite band of all time Prodigy from 1995? If you could change the name of the Detroit Pistons to anything, would it be XTreme Pistons? If so, you're in for a protein-shake-and-a-shower-hug treat. Check THIS out.

Detroit Pistons promotional video (via Dan and Patrick @ PistonPowered)

Watch your asses, Bulls fans. Indiana, can you come that hot? Cleveland, don't even step to this kitchen without the proper attire, because if an oil fire should happen, we don't want to be held liable if you sustain any burns. Milwaukee, if you have an extra fire extinguisher handy (and it has been properly tested and is determined to be up-to-date), we'd really appreciate if you could bring it with you next time you visit. WHATCHU GONNA DO CENTRAL DIVISION???

Ain't about no roster any more, it's all about attitude. And in this latitude, we SLASHITUDE. WHAT.