2011-2012 DBB Community Created Game Threads!

[Bumped back to the top in case anybody else is interested as season hits stretch run.]

Trout Jefferson got this thing going near the end of last season and it was a great success, so we're going to try it again -- community created game previews!

DBB has a wealth of knowledgeable commenters (and industrialists), which we want/need to tap into more often. Like Trout mentioned last year, this will allow us to venture into games with different, more interesting perspectives from different community members, breaking up the monotony that often results from the regular staff's tip-off editions.

Since Blog-a-Bull has been doing it for years, we're going to follow their fairly basic model. I've created a spreadsheet with the Pistons schedule and it's open for business.

Here are some rules to live by:

1. Only sign up for previews that you know you can have posted at least three (3) hours before tip. (If a conflict arises that prevents you from doing the preview you signed up for, please remove your name from the spreadsheet and email one of the DBB staff members. Try to give us at least 24 hours notice if you can.)

2. Sign up using your community moniker

3. If someone else is already signed up for a game that you really want to do, put your name in column "D" and we'll reach out to the both of you about a compromise

4. All, including lurkers, are encouraged to participate. Regular community members will receive seniority if dueling interests can't be resolved by a timely word fight to the death.

5. If you sign up and simply neglect your doooody, you will be subject to continual ridicule by your peers and banished to an isolated FanShot comment section where you will be left alone with drunk and surly MFMP for no less than eight hours.

6. Previews should be done in the FanPosts and be a minimum 150 words. Attach the game event in the editorial and promote it beyond the community (if given the option).

Here is the link:

Ed. note: We reserve the right to edit as necessary since these will be featured on the front page. Also, please use a standard formula for headlines to make these posts stand out (ie, "Pistons Vs. Cavs Preview: [fill in the blank])"

FanPosts are user-created posts from the Detroit Bad Boys community and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all fans or the staff at DBB. The DBB staff reserves the right at any time to edit the contents of FanPosts as they reasonably see fit.