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Pistons at Celtics: Battle for the Basement

Are we having fun yet? The Pistons begin a brutal eight game stretch against the Celtics tonight in Boston. Fortunately for Detroit, the loveable Celtics will likely be without Paul Pierce tonight, and they've started the season 0-3 in his absence. It couldn't happen to a nicer buncha guys.

Game Tips at 7:30 P.M.

Detroit Pistons: 0 - 2

Boston Celtics: 0 - 3

The Situation

If the Celtics championship window hasn't already closed, it's certainly on its way down. Their starting shooting guard is 36-years-old and on an expiring contract. Their starting power forward, the league's true gentleman, is 35 and also on an expiring contract. Behind Boston's starters, there isn't a lot of talent on the bench. All it takes is a quick glance at this team's depth chart to see how much trouble they're in, even if they decide to retain Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. It couldn't happen to a nicer buncha guys.

That said, Allen, Garnett and Jermaine O'Neal account for $38M in cap relief, and the Celtics will have a pretty penny to spend in free agency next summer. Sure, there's the dream scenario where the Celtics wind up with Dwight Howard, Kevin Love and Landry Fields which has depleted Bill Simmons' stock of tissues. But it's nearly certain that Howard will be traded and extended and Love will stay in Minnesota. Beyond those two, there isn't a lot of available, unrestricted talent at Boston's positions of need.

If Danny Ainge doesn't have another backdoor deal with David Stern (which I assume includes a different kind of backdoor deal with David Stern), he might be a bit nervous.

Don't worry, Danny. Detroit can help. You send us Kevin Garnett's $21.2M expiring deal, we'll send you Ben Gordon (remember, from the playoffs?), Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye. You'll have your immediate replacement for Ray Allen, an excellent stretch shooter to pair with Brandon Bass up front and a preseason slaughterhouse in Austin Daye. We'll immediately waive Kevin Garnett (well, not immediately, we will beat him unconscious with bars of soap in pillow cases) and you can grab him for the vet minimum. Everyone wins. You won't find a nicer buncha guys.

Keys to the Game, Abbreviated Version


Question of the Game

Okay, yeah that trade idea is insane. But I wonder how long Danny Ainge would actually think about it?