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Tayshaun Prince - 4 Years, $27 Million

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Great news everyone. According to Yahoo! Sports, Tayshaun Prince will resign with the Pistons for 4 years and $27 million.

This move demonstrated Joe Dumars' commitment to keeping intact a roster that won 30 games last year. If the Pistons can win 30 games this year, they'll be 30-32, which should be good for ninth in the Eastern Conference. Do not examine the logic of what I just wrote.

Let's all just take a deep breath and be glad Tayshaun Prince can retire as a Piston. That, moreso than, say, wins, is what really matters. Some players have a hard time locking down a big payday when they are 34 years old. This signing is a strong stand against the agism that too often plagues championship teams.

And I think we're all looking forward to Prince-to-Singler for the next four years. I know I am.

Fortunately, Prince doesn't have back problems. Everything is unicorns.