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Good effort, everybody. Hawks 94 Pistons 79

What Happened

The Pistons somehow managed to shoot 33% from two point range. The Hawks shot 57% for the game.

The Pistons managed 26 rebounds, while the Hawks managed 39. I suppose I could do some math to determine whether that margin is as bad as it looks, but let's just assume it isn't, but that it also isn't good.

Otherwise, it was a house of horrors for Detroit. The bad McGrady showed up (typical on the second game of a back to back), Monroe was ineffectual against the Hawk big men. Nobody scored more than 14 points, which stands to reason, since nobody averages more than 14 ppg.

Marvin Williams continued his resurgence, which began never.

So yeah, you're never glad to lose by 15, but sometimes you have to look at the bright side. Why do I feel like Matthew Broderick's character in Election, just before he is presented with evidence of tampering with the election results?

Elsewhere in the NBA

Carlos Delfino randomly destroyed the Clippers. He had 26 points and nine rebounds on 9-15 shooting on the heels of a 21 point effort. has needlessly reinvented it's player pages. As such, you can't access some content right now. On the bright side, the navigation is less intuitive.

Okay, every game tonight was decided by 14 points or more. And the 14 point victory came from a team featuring Dante Cunningham. Think players have checked out prior to the all-star break? Yeah