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Breaking on a high note? Pacers @ Pistons game thread

The Details

Indiana Pacers: 24-29 (9-17 Road)
Detroit Pistons: 20-36 (13-15 Home)

The Situation

Team Average arrives at the Palace to defend it's eight seed against its nominal competitor for same. The Pacers seem to have realized one year too late that Danny Granger is not the sort of player who leads teams to playoff wins.

Still, there are some nice pieces on that team. Roy HIbbert is emerging as a productive center. Darren Collison has been a modest disappointment, but point guards tend to be late bloomers, and it's not like he has a lot of people to pass to.

Really, though, the story with the Pacers is their honeymoon period with Frank Vogel. They have lost just twice since he took over for Jim O'Brien, and are averaging 107 ppg over their last nine.

It's tough to know when the Pacers are going to come back to Earth, or what the Pistons chances are tonight. My feeling is that the Pacers are going to be a bit more motivated to go into the break on a high note, while Detroit just wants to get it over with and go to Cancun.

Question of the Game

Are the Pacers acquiring overrated white guys from the ACC on purpose? Why is nobody calling them out on the fact that they seem to have been trying to recreate the cast of Hoosiers for the past ten years?

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