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A leg up on the lottery: Bobcats 97, Pistons 87

So much for the Bobcats being on their last leg of a six-game road trip, huh? It looked like it was the team whose been off since Sunday (hint: our favorite team) that withered away in the fourth quarter and couldn't look more apathetic in the pitiful process.

The Pistons trailed by three heading into the fourth, but played well enough in the third where a strong fourth wasn't too presumptuous of a forethought -- and if it weren't for an 8-2 finish in the third by the Bobcats, the Pistons would've had the lead.

Instead, the Pistons decided to settle for hasty jumpers in the first four minutes of the final frame and, just like that, 3:54 into the fourth, found themselves down 18. A 16-1 Bobcats run. Any air left in the not-so-full building of a generously calculated 14,000-plus fans began to smell like a sweaty Kwame Brown. A sweaty Kwame Brown who happened to have 14 points and 10 rebounds against his former godforsaken team.

At least the Pistons made Captain Jack work for his. He poured in an easy -- season-high -- 39 points on 14-26 shooting in 43 minutes,

Ben Gordon led the Pistons with 20 points on 8-18 shooting (just seven points on 3-6 shooting in the second half). Will Bynum and Charlie Villanueva combined to shoot 3-14 in 34 minutes.

A little more irritation after the jump:

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  • Seriously, it's so damn frustrating to see this team compete relatively well for, um, 40 minutes or so and then completely tank for a minor stretch and cause us inevitable heartbreak. Like tonight, for example, the Pistons down just three heading into the 4th and then, four minutes later, they're down 18!?! Yeah, they followed it up with a nice 19-8 run over the next 5:30, but it was too late. These collapses aren't a lack of talent, it's a f'ing ephemeral lack of focus, every JoDamn game it feels like.
  • lklj;asf;lfdla;jlkajd;a a okay, I feel better.
  • Greg Monroe was good again - 10 & 8 with 2 blocks and a steal in 35 minutes.
  • Austin Daye responded to his stint in the dog house with 26 okay minutes (11 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block, but mostly bad defense).
  • T-Mac was on Captain Jack a lot and he got lit up. But he did have 8 assists.
  • Chris Wilcox may have had the best game for the Pistons with 7 points and 5 rebounds in 18 minutes. That's, like, a Kwame Brown game PER 36. He was strong to quite strong.
  • Charlie Villanueva's only basket was pretty sweet -- a (very, homeless) poor man's Blake Griffin-like alley-oop. This isn't it, but it looked sort of like this.
  • Just because, okay?
  • Box sco'e [sic]
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