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Zero rainbows from Tayshaun Prince

Don't talk to Tayshaun Prince if you want to hear about puppy dogs, ice cream, and Pistons playoff games -- Prince hates all of that soft garbage, and probably magicians, too [via MLIVE]:

"If we've got to win 15 to 16, after how things have been going, that's pretty much impossible," Prince said Monday evening following practice. "But we've got to see what the teams in the seventh and eighth spot are doing. That's why you've got to take care of business early on, so you don't have to worry about that." [...]

Prince was asked if something needed to change for the Pistons to get back in the playoff hunt.

"How many games have we played?" Prince asked. "We've been talking about change for how long? We've been talking change for a while, and nothing's changed, so that's why I say it's impossible."

All the confidence Pistons fans could possibly ask for from the veteran leader! Some might say he gets it, others might say he's begging for a trade, or maybe he just really doesn't want to make the playoffs, so he doesn't have to embarrass himself yet again. Whatever it might be, it's definitely not a smart PR move for Prince to be exuding this type of attitude. Didn't he see Bieber crossing up Common? C'mon, man, 'Never Say Never'.

And he did kind of have a moment of realization, that what he was saying, albeit reality, was probably not smart coming from him:

"Anything's possible," Prince said. "But everybody's got to have the right mindset, players and coaches. We've all got to be on the same page, and throughout the first 57 games we've had, we haven't been on the same page. That's why we've been playing up and down."

That's Prince. He hasn't been shy in airing frustrations with all the losing and he clearly doesn't know how to handle it. He was always mostly in the shadows on the winning teams and he has never molded well into the leadership role as guys got traded, took off and/or as he became more of a veteran. The losing certainly didn't help, as he was quite spoiled at the onset of his career. Considering that he's likely full aware that his days in a Pistons uni have been numbered (for the past couple years), I'm really surprised he back pedaled on his initial "it's impossible" comment at all.