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Tayshaun Prince says he won't be traded; Dumars wants him back next season

Tayshaun Prince doesn't think he's getting traded [per Matt Dery's Twitter account]:


(To be clear, Q = question, not Kuester.)

And according to a recent post by Terry Foster at The Detroit News, Joe Dumars is interested in re-signing Prince after his contract expires at the end of the season:

Pistons president Joe Dumars said Tuesday he wants to begin talks to sign Tayshaun Prince to a new contract once the season is done. That is if Prince isn't dealt before Thursday's 3 p.m. trade deadline — and all indications point to Prince remaining a Piston for the final 25 games of the season.

Prince, 30, has said he wants to remain a Piston but would not be opposed to being traded to an NBA title contender. But Dumars hopes Prince remains with the Pistons and said he will trade him only if presented with an unbelievable deal. [...]

"I would," Dumars said when asked if he would like Prince to return next season. "And we've talked about that. Tayshaun has been good here for a long time so I absolutely want to have that conversation at some point."

As for Dumars' ability to trade with the impending sale of the team?

Dumars said he has been given permission to make trades, despite the possible sale of the team soon. But it is believed he cannot make a trade for a player with a long-term contract or a high salary.

He is allowed to trade for draft picks and expiring contracts. "There are some parameters for us to make a deal," Dumars said. "Yes, I can make a deal, but it has to fit within the parameters."

Now your thoughts fury.