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Pistons at Pacers: Operation Do It Again

What has two thumbs, is a Detroit Pistons fan, is devastatingly good looking and late to this game thread? Packey! What, you thought I was going to take that compliment for myself? (and to be fair, Packey didn't sign up for this one, it's on the rest of us people with the keys). Since I'm late, I'll leave the previewing to you. The game coverage started at 7:00 p.m. EST, but we've got roughly five minutes until tip-off. So-- how can we win this game?

My thoughts-- let's do what Kuester did last time and give Monroe nearly double his average possessions. Let's give him a shot to hit some jumpers, too. However, when the bench isn't getting it done, let's not hold Monroe to 28 minutes. For the rest of the season, we might as well be the Detroit Meese anyway...

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