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Pistons at Sixers: Detroit Smile Train Hits Brotherly Love City

Game Coverage Begins at 7:00 P.M. EST

Detroit Pistons: 21 - 38 (7-22 road)

Philadelphia 76ers: 28-29 (18-9 home)

Tip-Off News:

Last night, aboard ClownBall One, a group of Detroit Pistons players decided it was time they made a statement about their coach. Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace, Tracy McGrady and Chris Wilcox all missed practice today, reportedly due to a combined effort to create an effigy of John Kuester out of roses, candy and love. Kuester was so touched by the display that he decided to give each player the night off to go and explore the quaint, homey streets of Coatesville, PA. With tears in his eyes, Kuester called the display, "really neat!" With a grin stretching from eye to lazy eye, McGrady was quoted saying, "just goes to show how much we love our Koostis."

The Udder Guys:

The Philadelphia 76ers are playing well. If they win tonight, they'll own a .500 record so far in 2010-11. They have good players, veteran players and young players. They win games by scoring more points than their opponents, they lose games by scoring less than their opponents.

How to Win This Game:

Trade Tayshaun Prince to Dallas for Caron Butler and a 1st rounder: no matter how weak the draft, there are always gems to be found. Despite being as asshat with free agents and trades and, well, many of his recent drafts, Dumars has been good at finding value there on the cheap.

Trade Richard Hamilton to Cleveland for a Buy-out and Possibly Picks: Since Dallas has reportedly been wanting to do the Tayshaun trade for a while, it was smart of you to execute a few weeks ago. With the old guard thinned out, Hamilton will be more likely to accept a buy-out since the writing is on the wall. This way, the guard glut is mostly solved and the team has flexibility to move forward and go young.

Sell the Fucking Team: Hold back the urge to demand a sale price of $365 just because that extra $5 million will get you a stable of ponies, a pink BMW convertible and Fabio, Karen. And David, it's hilarious to hear that you're afraid of undervaluing NBA franchises with a low sale price when you're tossing the word "contraction" around like a goddamn gynecologist.

Question of the Game:

Who gives a shit.

Links of Liberty:

Liberty Ballers

Update:Marc Stein suggests a coaching change is coming next week.