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LOL: Sixers 110, Pistons' Sixers 94

This is what this team has been reduced to: John Kuester gets passionate over a non-call, gets the ol' heave-ho, and then three Pistons start giggling like spoiled-rich school girls:

Kudos to John Kuester (and then Brian Hill) for carrying out their master plan and only playing the six who actually showed up to practice (on time) this morning. Really firm bump-its to the six who showed up and played a game reminiscent of one we'd see from the full squad.

The Pistons' six were never really in it, and nobody expected them to be, but it should be noted that they were shooting 50-percent through 40 minutes before the fuel ran out and the real Sixers pulled away. Will Bynum led the way with 29 points on 12-24 shooting, six assists and five rebounds in a full 48 minutes. Greg Monroe had 16 points on 7-9 shooting* and 11 rebounds in 43 minutes.

Of course, the real story is this team's fall from laughingstock. Seriously, this team was already flirting with joke-status with Kuester's coaching ineptitude, most players not performing to par, and Dumars' laundry list of head-scratching-until-your-scalp-goes-completely-raw moves the past couple of years, but today felt like Charlie Sheen's toilet after a bender and a late-night stop at Taco Bell. And it stinks.

  • *Everyone and LeBron's mother wanted to know why Greg Monroe only saw nine shots. The best response? From AlexKennedyNBA: Coaches wanted to but the veterans snuck into the office with a box of crayons and scribbled over every page in the playbook.
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