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From the "beyond parody" department: Pistons 120, Jazz 116

What happened

So yeah, on the eve of their discontent, when the world was atempest, the Pistons ended a five year long losing streak to the Jazz.

I have no observation other than this proves, unequivocally, that intangibles do not matter. At all. Ever.

This is the NBA. Leadership does not matter. Team chemistry does not matter. Veteran savvy does not matter.

If a team spends the plane ride the night before threatening to kill each other's dogs, followed by beating each other with foam bats, it will have not one iota of impact on the outcome of the game the following day.

Like palming, intangibles exist only on paper.

That is why Ron Artest has a championship ring. It is why Antonio McDyess does not. It is why Keon Clark made $15 million playing in the NBA.

Intangibles. Do. Not. Matter.

Hitting a whole bunch of three pointers? That matters.

In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say that, if the Pistons shoot 65% on three pointers from here on out, they will win the championship.

That's what makes the game so special. Every team has a chance, as long as they do something impossible.

Intangibles? Very possible. Easy, even. The Indiana Pacers aren't tangible at all.

Doesn't matter.

Go Pistons!