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Rip, Kuester, and Dumars flap their gums

Here I thought maybe the Pistons were just going to completely ignore this whole "player protest," Rip vs. Kuester drama and hope it all went away. However, this afternoon, Rip, Kuester, and Dumars all played nice and issued comments in their best attempt to play the PR clean up game.

MLIVE's Chris Iott was all over what Richard Hamilton and Kuester said, but let's break it down, tweet by tweets:

Richard Hamilton and John Kuester fist bump as Rip leaves the court.

Saying "let's hug it out" really loud for the media to hear would've been too obvious. Fist bumping is the ultimate, nonchalant bro'ing it up gesture. You think they bought it, dude? Just in case they didn't, why don't you speak to the media. Richard Hamilton, you go first:

Richard Hamilton said he had a good talk with Kuester recently. Relationship is better.

Richard Hamilton blamed miscommunication for issues with Kuester.

Richard Hamilton said he went home Friday during shootaround. Called at last minute. Should have called earlier to let team know.

Richard Hamilton says trade deadline deal was not as reported. Passed on several chances to explain how buyout was reported incorrectly.

Richard Hamilton said there was no player protest. Was surprised when he heard it reported as such.

When Rip was asked when he and Kuester spoke, he didn't have an answer. When asked to explain the reported trade with Cleveland, he kept reiterating that we shouldn't believe everything that's reported.

Okay, John Kuester, let's hear what you have to say:

Question to John Kuester: Are you disappointed this discussion with Richard Hamilton didn't happen sooner.

John Kuester: "Rip is an outstanding basketball player and he's been a huge part of this organization."

Yeahhhhh, great scripted answer, but not really what we were looking for there. Kuester also could not specify when he and Rip talked. Why is that confidential information? How hard is it to recall when you two talked things out, if it actually happened?

Shortly after Kue and Rip spoke to the media, Joe Dumars released a statement:

"First of all, John Kuester has my full support as we try to make a push towards the postseason over these last 21 games. We’ve had a long and proud history of being a first class organization that handles its business the right way. We expect everyone that represents the Detroit Pistons to do so in a first class manner and that will continue as we move forward."

I mean, if they want to act like everything is all peachy, don't be so blatantly bogus. But that's just my opinion.