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Richard Hamilton Plays, Pistons Win, Not Mutually Exclusive: Pistons 89, Bucks 78

When Rip was summoned to enter the game around the two and a half minute mark of the first quarter, he was as surprised as any one of us:

"It was kinda like 'Is this a joke? Is somebody playing a joke on me?' " Hamilton said. "I thought it was a joke. I had no idea. No idea. Just yesterday I was inactive.

"I thought that was sign that it was my last time ever playing in a Pistons uniform."

He then hit five of his first six shots and it was kinda like, hey, this no. 32 guy can play, eh? Neat.

Hamilton scored 15 points in all -- 7-14 shooting in 20 minutes --- and the Pistons won pretty convincingly in Milwaukee on the back end of a back-to-back. It was the Pistons' third win in a row in the second game of a back-to-back after starting the season 0-9 in such games.

Tracy McGrady was the game's high-scorer with 20 points on 7-14 shooting in 30 minutes and IsoTayshaun Prince added a double-double (12 points & 11 rebounds) in a Pistons game-high 34 minutes.

We'll have more after the jump:

  • Rip's PT was a boulder off the shoulders of teammates, apparently:
  • "We all in this locker room wanted to see him out there, and it's just a weight off everybody's shoulder in the locker room," Wallace said. "You go into every game wondering what's going to happen with the Rip situation. What they going to do about Rip?

    "To see him go out there and to see him play well, that felt good."

  • Who knows if this means Rip will start playing regularly...
  • Ben Gordon scored 12 on 3-7 shooting in 28 minutes. It looked like him and Rip were going to coexist nicely, but he tapered off as the game went along. BG and Rip combined for 0.0 points in the third quarter, but so did everyone else (actually, 14-13 Pistons).
  • I love it THIS much when the Pistons win: Halftime69_medium
  • Greg Monroe followed up his first 20/10 with seven & seven in 33 minutes. He was 3-6 shooting and had a steal. He was fine.
  • Pistons outrebounded the Bucks 38-36, but the Bucks pulled down nine offensive rebounds to the Pistons five.
  • Four players who saw nine-plus minutes did not register a rebound: Brandon Jennings (25 minutes), Earl Boykins (nine minutes), Chris Douglas-Roberts (nine minutes), and Charlie Villanueva (14 minutes).
  • Bogut had 18 and nine in a game-high 38 minutes.
  • Pistons took 11 more free throws than the Bucks, but only made five more than the Bucks.
  • Delfino was 2-11 shooting in 31 minutes Box score
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