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John Kuester: All starting jobs up for grabs

John Kuester is wiping the slate clean -- for everyone. From Vincent Goodwill:

"That's what I said to the team yesterday," the Pistons' coach said Tuesday before the morning shootaround at the Bradley Center. "All starting positions, all substitution positions (are open). We have to get after it."

[...] "The way we practice, the way we do shootarounds will dictate who plays and who doesn't," Kuester said.

The announcement comes on the heels of reports that Kuester and Richard Hamilton cleared the air. So does this open the door for Hamilton to return to the rotation -- or even the starting lineup? Kuester didn't explicitly say so, but I have to imagine that's the case. Any reconciliation had to come with a road map for escaping the dog house.

Will we see the "new" rotation tonight in Milwaukee? Stay tuned.