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The buck stops here: Pistons at Bucks Game Thread

There's a game tonight ... Tip off at 10 minutes ago. Sorry for the tardiness.

Tonight's starting lineup is Rodney Stuckey, Ben Gordon, Austin Daye, Chris Wilcox and Greg Monroad Warrior. According to John Kuester, Richard Hamilton's groin has been fist-bumped, miraculously healed, and he will play tonight.

Meanwhile, the Bucks have their own problems. They've lost 10 of 13 and have shot 39-percent in those games. A loss tonight means they'll be swept by the Pistons this year -- not a year to be swept by the Pistons and not be utterly embarrassed by it.

Question of the game:

Richard Hamilton is going to play, so how does everyone feel about that?

Links for drinks: