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Small Ball, Part A Lot: Pistons at Nuggets [Game Thread]

I was going to write up a a legitimate late preview, but I got caught up in the Washington/Arizona/Gus Johnson game on CBS. Instead, you'll have to deal with this half-assed late preview.

The Pistons (7-26 on the road) take on Timofey Mozgov and the Denver Nuggets (26-7 at home) in the Mile High state.

John Kuester is off his rocker in his final games as Pistons head coach, changing the starting lineup yet again. Tonight, he will go with Rodney Stuckey, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Greg Monroe and, this is where it gets weird, Tracy McGrady. When asked if that meant Tayshaun Prince was the four for tonight, Kuester responded no. When asked if that meant T-Mac was the four, Kuester said no. Kuester then said that the Pistons had a lot of number fours. The only number four I know is Joe Dumars.

Anyway, enjoy tonight's game. If it gets away from the Pistons, a future Piston guard, Kemba Walker, is on ESPN. I'd be surprised if Ben Gordon, Rip and CV31 aren't in the locker room for the second half watching themselves. Preview


Talk amongst yourselves. Tip off is four minutes ago.