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Free Darko visits Ann Arbor

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If you find yourself in the general vicinity of Washtenaw County on Tuesday afternoon, consider stealing an hour or two to attend a public lecture on U-M's campus from one of my all-time favorite basketball minds, Free Darko's Nathaniel Friedman -- or as he's better known on the internet (and your bookshelves), Bethlehem Shoals.

I'm not sure how much his talk -- "Of Kings, Answers and Dippers: How Race and Representation Build the NBA Anti-Hero" -- will include the Pistons, but I've been assured there will be local flavor with discussion of the Fab Five.

The show starts at 4pm at 1400 Chem (map) on U-M's campus. (For the uninitiated, 1400 Chem is a large lecture hall allowing for comfortably anonymous viewing -- that may sound like a weird thing to point out, but I don't want anybody scared off thinking they might be crashing a small classroom.) I hope to see you there!