Game Thread: Fan Boyz Unite!!! Miami is in town!

Ahh.. Spring time, when a young Lebron's mind turns away from the difficult work of marketing himself, having dance parties with teammates and tolerating insolent coaches, and focus all of becoming like Charlie Sheen. That's right #winning. While some members of his team are cabbage patching their way towards losses against real playoff competition, Lebron is getting serious. See, what makes Lebron the greatest basketball player, the greatest athlete of all sports, and the greatest great of any greats is that he knows how to win.

That is why right now the Heat are coming off of a two game, TWO GAME, win streak. That's why they respond to tough regular season losses by crying, because they know the next game they will have to win. You may say "But the heat lost that game," but let's be real regular season wins don't really matter, so stop with the scrutinizing of such meaningless blather. What matters is the way the Heat came back and beat the Spurs by a huge margin a few games later. That kind of excellence cannot be denied, and it completely means that you can add the Spurs to the other long list of teams that the Heat will definitely beat this post season, and every post season. Forever.

For the Pistons tonight, it is important that Tayshaun Prince runs isolation plays, and for T-Mac to feed the ball to rip. It is also pertinent that Greg Monroe is not allowed to have any plays run for him, that privilege is reserved for closers. Seeing as how our team has been very evenly divying up the minutes for starters and the bench, I hope the bench can come out and control the tone of the game and play at a faster pace, to counter their bench's strategy of merely existing, and waiting for a chance to hit a three.

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