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Who wants it less? Pistons at Cleveland [Game Thread]

Game Tips at 7:30 p.m. EST

Detroit Pistons: 25-46 (7-28 away)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 13-57(8-27 home)

The Pistons haven't won a road game since before the All-Star break when they defeated (who?) ... these Cleveland Cavs! Of course, the 13-win Cavs are as bad at home as the Pistons on the road, not having picked up a win on their own court since February 25 (against the Knicks). It should be a wonderfully horrible game!

Detroit's coming off a rough loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday, so it'll be truly interesting to see how they respond against LeBron's old squad. Richard Hamilton however is fresh off a great appearance on Imagination Movers this afternoon, so look for the rest of the potentially dejected Pistons to lean heavily on him, as Rich did in their 2-on-2 game on Disney Junior.

Let's all hope MFMP gets a chance to pull away from his prior obligations to watch this game -- his boy Ramon Sessions has a fannnnnntastic opportunity to put up some big numbers and make a MFMP wrinkly pair of slacks look like they're freshly ironed. The Pistons are allowing opponents to shoot 56-percent and drop 113 points in their last four games and are allowing 108 points per game in their last seven road games (all losses).

Keys to Winning:

Wait, do we want the Pistons to win? I always do, but I know a lot of fans actively root for losses for better lottery odds [broken record]. I won't complain should that be the result, but the schedule is certainly going to make it tough. The Pistons are playing the Cavs twice, the Pacers twice, Washington, Charlotte, New Jersey, Milwaukee, and Philly over their last 11 games. Don't be surprised if the Pistons finish strong...

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Greg Monroe ... more and more and more.


Fear it.