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Pistons Lottery News: Jared Sullinger says he's returning to Ohio State

While it was fun watching Ohio State crap out early again despite having a top ranked seed in the tourney, it probably didn't do any favors for fans hoping to see Jared Sullinger in a Pistons jersey next season. According to multiple reports (citing this one in particular) after UK's upset win over OSU on Friday night, freshman Jared Sullinger indicated he will not enter the NBA draft:

Jared Sullinger says he will be back next year

The 6-foot-8, 250-pound power forward, who has been a dominant presence in the paint this college season, would undoubtedly look better in a Pistons uniform than a Buckeye uni. However, it has been said all year that he wants to stay at least two years with Ohio State and getting ousted in the tourney earlier than expected definitely hurts the chances the big man will be available for the lottery bound Pistons this draft year. Of course, his agents/runners will still have persuasive words with him, no doubt, but right now it's not looking like he's ready to budge. OSU's football coach Jim Tressel knew this all along.